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The Pacific 250 by Isabella

Quick and Stylish the pacific 250 takes the stress out of caravaning

Pacific 250

The smart choice – Quick and Stylish

The Pacific 250 is made from coated polyester 250cm deep, which can be quickly washed down and so is very easy to maintain. For greater comfort the side panel has a ventilation window with a zipped outside foil window cover. The frame used for our Pacific and Atlantic awnings is so very simple. The number of poles is kept to a minimum. Where possible they are interchangeable.

G 13-18 G 19-22
A-measurement from-to (cm) 800-1075
Depth (cm) 250
Colour combination Steel Blue, Vanilla
Panels to be removed or drawn Front and side panels
Number of doors 4
Mosquito net In one sides
Mud flap Internal
Curtains Blues
Frame options Choose between IXL and Prenox
Extra accessories Annexe 250, net side, partition wall, Eclipse FSC, veranda pole